What is SUPER CLEAN veggies?

Hydroponics – the SUPER CLEAN way

a new generation of farming

It has been the norm that we always wash our vegetable to rid of pests and harmful chemicals before consumption. Imagine a day in life when you no longer have to worry about washing your veggies any more. Why don’t we make sure it’s done right from the beginning? Why don’t we produce our food in a SUPER CLEAN way so we can eat them right away?

SCATIL SUPER CLEAN veggies are cultivated in such sterile environment handled with top notch sanitary practices. Our veggies get the best of everything. These veggies are never in contact with pollutants or contaminants. SO CLEAN that we can eat right from harvest!At SCATIL, we take honour to support local agriculture by providing CLEANSAFE, and HIGH QUALITY vegetables for our people –  veggies YOU can consume with trust.

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