Our story


The founders of Scatil believes that creative application of science & technology is the key of success of Hong Kong. Hi-tech farming is one of the most promising industries in the coming decades, yet the vast amount of investment, expertise and time involvement deter local investors.

With the passion in agricultural development, our founders introduced Japanese hydroponic technology and an indoor hydroponic farming in 2014 as the stepping stone. In 2015, Scatil has been able to produce contaminant-free vegetables. In 2016, the Scatil team has been experimenting growing new seasonal rare species and made remarkable progress.





Mission statement

  • To provide the people of Hong Kong truely healthy, safe and high quality agricultural products.
  • To stay competitive in the market through research & product development.
  • To conserve energy and reduce carbon emssion.
  • To sustain a model of farming with little impact on the physical environment through a good planning of land and water usage.
  • To Shape up use of land for long term rural development in Hong Kong.








Scatil team


Our team consists of dedicated people with expertise in research, marketing and cooperate planning.















Scatil competitiveness



Our insistence of employing technology, high quality people and strong financial support makes Scatil the only competent high-tech farming company in Hong Kong.















Milestones :


Scatil founded in 2014


Presence in leading Farm Direct stores in March 2017

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