We understand this new-generation farming practice has sparked many’s curiosity. We appreciate your openness and your will to educate and explore yourself of your options. We strongly believe our people should have access to transparent, legitimate, and unbiased fact-based information. You deserve to make informed decisions on your food habits.

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is an increasingly popular new form of farming culture used to grow plants without the use of soil. It allows us to avoid the risks that soil may have on crops.

How are you different from other hydroponics?

Our plantation facility is completely clean and concealed. This gives us full control of the growing environment to nurture and grow vegetables to its optimal taste, safety, and quality properties. This closed farming system is also implemented with sets of strict food safety HACCP management systems. These practices result in SUPER CLEAN vegetables farm products that can be eaten right from harvest, without the need to wash. The superior growing condition also allows our crops to have an extended shelf life.

Our plantation is also set up with vertical farming integration. With vertical farming, we can effectively and productively use one land to produce the quantity of vegetables that usually requires 10x amount of lands to produce. Super energy efficient LED bulbs are utilized in place of sunlight so we have control over the plants’ sleep and photo-respiration, producing an optimal crop.

Are your vegetables organic?

This is tricky because the definition of organic farming is different worldwide. It is also interpreted differently by different individuals.

The answer would have to be no. Hydroponically produced vegetables are NOT organic. Organic farming has a lot to do with soil but hydroponic culture is a form of soil-less cultivation. However, with our strict food-safety management and sterile growing environment, pesticides and herbicides are not needed or applied.

Where can I find your vegetable?

You can find our salad vegetables at Miramar and sevva. Our cups are being distributed to vendors throughout April. Please pay attenton to update of where to find us!

What are advantages of eating local?
There are several benefits of eating local. First of all, it reduces carbon footprint by transportation. Modes of transportation such as planes, boats, and trailers are used to move the vegetable to your location. This leads to the next point. Local vegetable are fresh and higher in nutrients. Vegetable farmed locally usually move from farm to table in a day or two, well maintaining the vegetable’s freshness and nutrients. Import crops are usually harvested some time before its optimal stage so it does not overripe during its transport to you. Most importantly, by eating local, you are supporting local agriculture and helping our city to becoming more self sustainable.
How is your plantation's energy consumption?
Because our vegetables are produced locally, carbon foot print in terms of transport is reduced drastically. Our plantation does require more energy input than conventional agriculture. However, with high productivity, our energy per capita head of vegetable is very efficient. It took the Japanese more than decades to develop and test this technology – whilst making sure it is the most energy efficient possible. It is our top priority to produce a good quality end product without sacrificing quantity or the environment.

Delivery Questions

When will I get my delivery?

Delivery Schedule:

Central Monday, Thursday
Kowloon Tuesday, Friday
New Territories Wednesday, Saturday
What is the delivery fee?

Minimum Purchase 250HKD for Free Shipping

50HKD Shipping Fee for under 250HKD Purchases

What is the minimum purchase amount?

There is no minimum purchase amount.

However, purchases over 250HKD qualifies for Free Shipping

50HKD Shipping Fee for under 250HKD Purchases

What is the order cut-off time?

Order Cut-Off:

Order cut-off one business day before delivery

Delivery Date Cut-off Time
Monday Saturday 3PM
Tuesday Saturday 3PM
Wednesday Monday 3PM
Thursday Tuesday 3PM
Friday Wednesday 3PM
Saturday Thursday 3PM
Sunday No Delivery on Sunday

We take quality very seriously and make sure all your orders are harvested less than 24 hours before delivery – to guarantee the freshest vegetables to you – Farm to Table!

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